• Employee of listed company (female) 33 years:

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  • Chief human resources officer (female) 49 years:

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  • Employer (responsible for 4,600 employees) 53 years (male):

    "After a short time I have the feeling pulling out trees. At last life quality vitality, fitness, creative, relaxed as never before"

  • Retiree (female) 75 years (always feeling tired, exhausted, had violent pain in muscles and joints after taking a medicament reducing cholesterol):

    "Incredible, after 6 weeks I had less pain and feel really good. ...Now I have an excellent quality of life..."

  • Soccer Professional from Italy (male) 22 years:

    "Without overstatement I have now an excellent mental and physical condition. I can train without injury and achieve a top performance during the whole season.”"

The foundation accompany several tasks and molecular biological effects by applying the micronutrient therapy concerning research and improvement of quality of life and maintenance of health.