Aims of the foundation

  • Prevention
    Establishing micronutrient therapy concerning demographic, older population in regard to age, male, life-style, disease.
  • Research
    Early recognition of biochemical dysfunction.

    Some examples: The reduction of increasing ailments concerning the musculoskeletal system by giving special collagen peptides, the demand of micronutrient supply concerning diabetes, a reduction of medicaments concerning ADHS (concentration hyperactivity syndrome) by giving special micronutrients, better quality of life by giving special micronutrients concerning different ailments.

  • Practical apply in the area of molecular biological micronutrient therapy (leisure and top performance).
  • Creating discussion forums, meaning of micronutrient supply in the complementary medicine.
  • Advancement of teaching the population in regard to the microbiological therapy and transfer of knowledge how micronutrients can really help.
  • Publication und Studies
    Creating an endowed professorship with several tasks of research in the area of movement- and micronutrient therapy.

The research of orthomolecular medicine should guarantee an early recognition of biochemical dysfunctions in order to antagonize this with an optimal energy- and micronutrient supply. The endowed professorship should be integrated in several course of studies. (Master of Mental and Physical Energy). A further aim: Transfer of knowledge: How micronutrients can really help in the education of medical doctors, physiotherapists, nutrient scientist.