Foundation for Micronutrients – Prevention, Health, Quality of Life

"The human being don´t fall ill because the body has no medicament but biochemical dysfunctions will be detected and corrected too late."
Bodo Kuklinski (Facharzt für Umwelt- und Nährstoffmedizin)"

Every second human being in Germany complain about several ailments independent of young and old: Chronic fatigue syndrome, listlessness, problems with concentration, feeling tired up to frequent infections, headache...

The feeling "My battery is empty", "I feel total exhausted", confirm the situation without power, drive and joyless.

A statistic shows: In the year 2000 seventy of 1,000 employees of German companies show anfatigue syndrome. Today, the number has quintupled to 350 from 1,000 employees.

An internal information: The "Burn-out rate" raised up to 35% concerning the management in German companies. The overload of family and job shows an increase of fatigue syndromes with extreme mood swings concerning wives.

The dream of winning the championship the addition to success as an acknowledgement of personal strength, the lucrative financial offers lead to an increasingly mental and physical limit with fatigue syndrome, wave of physical abilities and inexplicable injuries by recreationalnas well as performance sports.

All of these ailments concerning the different groups of persons the therapists (medical doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists...) don’t find a sufficient explanation.

Our brain is regulated by principles of biochemical processes. If there is lack of special substances, our brain can’t be regulated in an optimal direction. Early fatigue syndromes can be the result.

With an optimal supply of energy multifarious reactions of overload and several ailments could be avoided.

However, these previous findings will be denied by the scientists. According to statements by international scientists little knowledge exists on the positive effects of specific supply of micronutrients. It is still in its infancy.

If it would be possible recognizing biochemical dysfunctions earlier and correcting this in time the chance to keep up health and physical and mental abilities is possible.